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African-American men have unique grooming needs. For advice on hair care — as well as the latest community information — they turn to their barbers.

The SMSi Barbershop Network™ brings together more than 7,000 select barber shops nationwide, with a customer base of up to 1.0 million African-American men. Manufacturers use the Barbershop Network to distribute product samples, coupons, and promotional literature.

These free promotions generate good will for the barber and result in sales for the manufacturer. The network reaches up to 1.0 million African-American men during each of two co-op distribution periods. Solo distributions are also available.

Solo sampling through the Barbershop Network is available in addition to the cooperative programs executed twice each year.

Distribution Methodology

  • Before each Barbershop Network distribution, participating member salons/shops receive advance direct mail notification of the promotion details, including a description of the valuable items that they will receive for their customers.
  • Collated sample bags are then packed in boxes and shipped directly to selected establishments that are members of the SMSi Barbershop Network™.
  • Since the vast majority of barbershop patrons visit the shop no more frequently than once every two weeks, each shop is provided with an estimated two-week supply of samples or other materials for each participating brand.
  • Barbers in the participating shops distribute (1) the sample items that are packed in the shop bags, or (2) the individually collated sample bags (one per patron) to their customers.
  • The personal hand-to-hand presentation has an implied endorsement by a trusted professional.

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