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Bring your marketing challenges to SMSi. We have the tools to deliver your product and promotions to the right consumers and retailers.

We live in challenging times for retail markets. Manufacturers, marketers, and large and small retailers both large and small--all share concerns for the future. How do manufacturers expand market share? How do retailers serve consumers and increase their bottom line?

The answers lie in the growth market of the future the multicultural market. Ethnic shoppers comprise the fastest-growing consumer group in the country. African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians now represent 25 percent of the U.S. population, a figure that is increasing steadily. More importantly, the combined spending power of these groups exceeds $1 trillion annually.

What ethnic consumers choose to buy or not buy will impact your business at the bottom line.

The Future Is Now
How do you tap into multicultural markets? SMSi can match your needs with an array of tools and strategies.

We can help you:
Introduce new products in test markets
Optimize ethnic consumer store traffic
Design trade merchandising and promotion programs
Blunt impact of competitive brands
Alert retailers to new products
Recommend local market solutions
Develop promotional strategies
Measure programs for business success
Audit in-store placement and inventory

Sampling through our exclusive SMSi Networks
Targeting key markets regionally, by city, or nationwide
Advertising in Urban Call: The Magazine for Urban Retailers and Businesses
Developing and executing in-store promotions
Relationship development through on-line surveys and promotions

SMSi's partners have been at the forefront of multicultural marketing in such major corporations as Quaker Oats, Procter & Gamble, Johnson Publishing, and McDonalds. From our headquarters in Winston-Salem, we have helped Fortune 100 and other leading companies gain access to urban markets since 1978. Our field representatives in the Top 20 urban markets guarantee in-market presence and follow-through.

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