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SMSi Healthcare Network

People of color — African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians — face serious diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, HIV, and diabetes at a higher rate than the general population. The cure for these conditions calls for a combination of research, informed medical care, and a healthy lifestyle.

Where does your product or service fit in the puzzle?

The SMSI Healthcare Network™ can help you reach physicians, nurses, hospital administrators, public health officials, and other medical professionals who work with ethnically diverse patients. All of these professionals have valuable expertise and are the gateway to thousands of consumers who could benefit from more information about health living everyday. They are also an important audience for the latest health care products and information.

SMSi distributes free product samples, printed materials, and special SMSi custom publications that address the health and lifestyle concerns of multicultural consumers. Recent SMSi programs have addressed personal care, medicine cabinet safety, and the advantages of a healthful diet. SMSi delivers tens of millions of free product samples and promotion offers every year to ethnic consumers in the 20 top U.S. markets.

Through SMSi, your health and lifestyle-related products reach the decision-maker whose opinion carries weight in the eyes of its customers. We tailor a sampling program — including custom informational literature — to the geographic and ethnic market you want to reach. Your promotion dollars are always on target, thanks to our local marketing managers who ensure follow-through and execution.

For more information about SMSi network sampling and distribution programs, contact SMSi on-line or call 336-759-7477.

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