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Since 1978, SMSi networks have reached ethnic urban consumers where they live, work, play, shop, worship, groom, and learn.

These networks connect companies with the growing market of ethnic consumers — youth, women, men, and families — whose buying power amounts to more than $1 trillion a year.

Statistics show that general market sampling promotions don't reach ethnic urban consumers. SMSi networks tap into grassroots community institutions that have credibility and community penetration.

Twice a year, SMSi delivers millions of product samples, coupons, and other promotional materials through coop distribution programs. Solo distribution is also available. To learn how to use this powerful tool for your company's products, click here.

Network Distribution sites nationwide Consumers reached
SMSi Church Family NetworkTM 7,000 churches 2.7 million African-American and Latino churchgoers
SMSi Beauty NetworkTM 30,000 salon owners and operators (8,000 salons) 2.7 million African-American and Hispanic women
SMSi Barbershop NetworkTM 7,000 barbershops 1 million African-American men
SMSi Entertainment NetworkTM 2,000 neighborhood happenings, nightspots, and campus events 1 million adult consumers

The SMSi Networks at a Glance

SMSi Church Family NetworkTM
For many African-American consumers, the heart of their community is their church. SMSi Church Family Network™ distributes product samples, coupons, and information of interest to families and consumers in over 7,000 churches, reaching 2.7 million African-American and Latino churchgoers nationwide.

SMSi Beauty NetworkTM
African-American and Hispanic women spend from 2 to 4 hours at the beauty salon per visit--twice as long on average as general market clients. The SMSI Beauty Network places product samples and promotions in the hands of over 2.7 million African-American and Hispanic women nationwide, distributed by beauty professionals they know and trust.

SMSi Barbershop NetworkTM
For generations, African-American men have congregated in the barbershop to share news and information. The SMSi Barbershop Network distributes with product samples and coupons that adddress the unique health and grooming needs of African-American men.

SMSi Entertainment NetworkTM
Reach 1 million adult consumers and their families at fairs, festivals, parades, bowling alleys and sporting events, and in upscale nightclubs and neighborhood clubs and bars.

SMSi Healthcare NetworkTM
Access the expertise of health care providers — nurses, physician assistants, doctors, dentists, technicians, in-home care providers — as well as administrators and public health officials who are concerned about improving the health of urban consumers and can provide information and support in an informed, timely manner.

SMSi Opinion Leaders Network
Access to information about urban business trends is key to social, economic and political empowerment for people of color. The SMSi Opinion Leaders Network™ gets this message across to business and community leaders — and learns what issues matter to them today.


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